current club champion 

“Thanks to Debbie's knowledgeable guidance, I've seen a noticeable improvement in my running form & economy. Debbie is an experienced runner herself & understands first hand the challenges you face in relearning how to run, so offers detailed & easy to understand tuition & advice tailored to you individually. There has been such a difference that a fellow runner recently complimented my running form after a race" 


experienced recreational runner


" The running technique training has been enjoyable & beneficial. In just a few weeks I have been able to run without pain and up my mileage. The strength, mobility & activation exercises have helped greatly. The running drills have assisted in changing my technique into a more efficient one. Debbie is very knowledgeable & makes each session enjoyable" 


regular podium winner in age category


This has completely revolutionised my running! Debbie has been so thorough, enthusiastic & helpful. I'm finding I'm enjoying my running more, it feels easier & I'm injury free and am getting faster" 


experienced recreational runner with ongoing injuries


" I came to Debbie having been running for years but having various injuries. I knew I was a shuffler with lots of areas needing improving regarding technique.... I have seen a remarkable changes in my style & technique which has helped me regain my running love. Running feels easier and I am injury free. Would 100% recommend!" 


experienced recreational runner



"Debbie has been amazing at analyzing my running technique and providing mw with simple, easy to make changes that have made a marked improvement ti my running and will hopefully keep me injury free running for many miles to come!


I would definitely recommend the BMA Running Academy"